March 21, 2010

Lets get it over with: The first entry

I have longed for long to create my own blog where I could explain details of recent pictures, post the making of pics or videos, post entries about my trips with the stories that accompany, publications, prices, think out loud about issues surrounding photography and video, maybe share tips, lighting schemes, ask for feedback or help and so on.
I do have big expectations!
I wanted to create it as part of my website Sandra Torralba but somehow technically speaking I am finding it hard, so rather than waiting 3 more years until my html and flash knowledge improves, I have decided to begin at once.
Summing up you can visit my work at: (this is a profesional website I had to set up, so that potential employers won't have to necesarily see some of my most controversial photographic series)
I also have another blog that I created for a training in Cinematographic Lighting Techniques ( IluminaciĆ³n Cinematografica ) I took early this year.
It's in Spanish though, full of jokes and stories, but there are also graphic lighting schemes you may understand even if you don't speak Spanish.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations Sandra!

    All your work is excellent. You're a genius.
    I wish you all success.