June 20, 2012

The Hope´s Crevice

These are two images of my latest project: The Hope´s Crevice.

The obvious aside and all its existential bitter sweet flavouring, the work is essentially inspired in my 92 years old grandmother´s reality. For some years she has not been all that well, dementia eats her memories away and slowly we all disappear including her.

There seem to be a cure for her sinking darkness, her great grandson, my first babyboy. She might not know her world around but as soon as she sees him, there is light and hope. It is not a cure, not even temporary, the deterioration is a real, the babyboy is too heavy and fragile altogether, but I repeat, for its worth repeating, as soon as she sees him, you can see desperation cracking, hope leaking through the gaps.

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